DHQ Hospital Sheikhupura Contact Number, Address, Doctors

For those who are suffering from any disease, a hospital is an institution where patients are treated. So in today’s post, we will tell you all the information that a patient and his attendant need from DHQ Hospital Sheikhupura. The answer to all your questions is in this article that you want to know about this hospital such as what is the address of the hospital, what is the contact number of the hospital, list of available doctors, available facilities, their medical charges and much more.

DHQ Hospital Sheikhupura Contact Number

By the way, the contact number of the hospital is 056-9200231, 056-9200234 but if you need the phone number of a certain doctor, you can call him and get it from their representative. If you want to visit this hospital for a physical examination or to check the facilities of this hospital, its full address is Lahore Road, Sheikhupura. No doubt it is one of the best hospitals in Sheikhupura.hospital

Lahore Road, Sheikhupura
Phone/Contact Number: 056-9200231, 056-9200234

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